Surveillance Operations

Undercover Investigative Cases

Surveillance operations are conducted differently and are undertaken in matrimonial investigations, corporate investigations, locating a missing person, insurance investigations, workers comp, and many other types of cases. 

The primary goal in performing a surveillance operation is to observe a person, or location with the intent to gather the necessary facts that can be used to build a case.  

This may include watching a spouse that is suspected of cheating, or monitoring a person who has an suspicious insurance claim. 

Surveillance assignments could involve a combination of techniques to get the job done.  Each assignment is handled uniquely for your specific needs. 

We take pride in solving the most difficult and unusual cases. 

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Cutting-edge Technology

Direct  Focus Investigations uses state of the art technology to get the job  done by enhancing the investigator’s ability to gather and document  crucial information for their client.  

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